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About Us :

This has been an eventful year for us. Our interventions have continued with full vigor, As before, we have focused our activities on the three basic necessities of life viz. Education, Health, and Livelihood.. Since women and children are our major target groups, our efforts have been directed in that direction In Education, we are trying to develop among the children , a yearning to learn; in Health, we are trying to break taboos and superstitions and promote the practices of sanitation and hygiene; in Livelihood, income-generation through cost-effective measures are sought.
We are receiving admirable support from the Government who besides funding are also participating in our activities as partners. They have in fact become an enabling Organization. Even the Civil Society at the national level is providing us good support. Our interventions in Delhi have started paying dividends.
However, there is no room for complacency. Changes at all levels are taking place at a rapid pace. The world is no longer the way it was. Scientific methods, effective communication, and modern practices will have to be initiated. We are confident of tackling the challenges successfully to march towards our mission.
SHREYA (Secretary)

We are committed to consolidating the status of the poor, specially women, child and weaker section of the community.

Ensuring the socio economic development of weaker section, small and marginal farmers deprived and debarred women and children towards their rights with the help of various activities especially eco-friendly, health & income generation programs through rights based and remedial approaches.